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                【12.27】Phenomenology for the Simplest Little Higgs Model
                2018-12-26|文章来源: |【

                Title: Phenomenology for the Simplest Little Higgs Model
                Speaker: Dr. Ying-nan Mao (National Center for Theoretical Sciences, Taiwan)
                Time: 2:30 PM, Dec. 27th (Thursday), 2018
                Place: R319, Theoretical Physics Division

                Abstract: The simplest little Higgs model revisited due to the wrong results in previous papers. Based on the new formalism for the scalar normalization, we first derived the correct interactions for this model. We then derived the hidden mass relation, updated the theoretical and experimental constraints, and briefly discussed the collider tests for this model. Our results corrected the mistakes appearing for over ten years. The collider phenomenology discussion showed that it is difficult to test the model in the natural region, but it is possible at future colliders with larger \sqrt{s}.

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